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Nine Steps for Effective Implementation

By Richard L. Knowdell

This is the 2011 revised edition of the SHRM Best Seller.

Now presented in an easy-to-use 8.5" x 11" three-ring binder.

This "how-to" book was written for human resource professionals as a guide to design an effective employee career development program.

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Strategic Transition Options for Organizations and Individuals

by Richard L. Knowdell, Elizabeth Branstead and Milan Moravec

This is a classic examination of the corporate outplacement field that includes the roles of corporate officers, line managers, human resource managers in the termination process as well as specific services provided by outplacement organizations.

The effect on surviving employees and family members are addressed.

Forward by Richard N. Bolles, author of What Color is Your Parachute?

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Helping Others Help Themselves Third Edition

by Richard L. Knowdell and Elwood N. Chapman

This Crisp Fifty-Minute Book is writen for non-professionals who want to help employees, customers, friends and family explore life options and help them make their own decisions.

It contains advise on how to provide support and reinforcement and ideas on how to create a comfortable counseling atmosphere with improved listening skills.

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